Nunawading Annual General Meeting – next Tuesday


Hi NCC Junior Families,

The Nunawading Cricket Club’s Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 30th April at 7:30pm. Please refer to the notice below that has been issued from our secretary Andrew (Blewey) Siebel.

I strongly encourage families to attend. We are really looking for (needing) some new Junior Families to step up – to keep the club moving forward. Any contribution you can make – whatever your interest, professional background, passion – can be incorporated into a role – that will not take up too much time – but will honestly give you a great deal of satisfaction.

May I also suggest that some of our older Juniors consider this – it looks great on a resume.


Hi NCC community,

The NCC committee extends an invitation to all financial & life members to attend the 2019 NCC Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the clubrooms, starting at 7:30pm sharp on Tuesday 30th April. This will be immediately followed by a regular meeting with the new committee.

This is your opportunity to put your hand up to be more than just a player or member. You all have the opportunity to shape the club, decide on which way we move forward in these challenging times where many clubs are struggling to survive.

In saying that we want people who are committed to the club and its future, not just involved. Therefore, our slogan for 2019/20 is #Committed2Nuna.



1. in or denoting a long-term emotional relationship

You see it every time you walk into the Nuna rooms…Max, Paddy, Dave & Paul behind the bar, Cowelly welcoming new faces to the club or recounting Nuna’s amazing history, JP & Rob Nash in the kitchen, on the BBQ or making sure our Juniors feel part of this great club, Scotty O handing out scorebooks and balls for the weekend’s game, Coach Rob & Derek sitting in front of the laptop trying to fill those last few spots for Saturday, Roger collecting subs & ensuring Cowelly doesn’t spend all of our money, Kev still giving back to the club despite hanging up the "boots", Smudge & Claire in their Milo apparel sorting out the next generation of Nuna cricketers, Greg Clark & Gautam ensuring that MVP votes are done…the list goes on.


You can start to show that you are #Committed2Nuna by attending the club AGM next Tuesday and if you feel as though you can contribute in a positive way, put your hand up to be on the committee. Nominations for all executive (Officers of the Club) members and general committee positions will be accepted on the night.

We need new faces put up their hands and bring some fresh ideas to the committee and how the club runs.

All attendees will receive a booklet with an agenda and annual report from Season 2018/19.

Kind regards,

Blewey Siebel

0402 260 545

About Nunawading CC Seniors

Local senior and junior cricket club in Melbourne's eastern suburbs providing cricket development opportunities for boys and girls from 4-18 and for senior players of all skill levels. Home ground is in Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill. Website is
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