Nunawading Cricket Club – Junior Weekly Update

Hi everyone

Well, even though the weather again had an impact on our Super 7s last Saturday morning, the rest of our games occurred without a hitch. It was a great night on Friday, with all of our younger Juniors taking over Mahoneys Reserve. The U12 and Fast 9 match on Bob Saker oval was fantastic. Equally as good were the numbers of excited children in our Junior Blasters and Super 7s. I also popped into Mahoneys Reserve on Sunday morning, and saw the Girls team and Fast 9s play. Again, it was just fantastic to see not only the enjoyment and parent involvement – but also the development of the children in terms of their cricket!

I would also like to reiterate what I said last Friday night in the club rooms. Many thanks to so many people (who I wont name – as ill leave some out accidentally), who helped make the night fantastic. Those families who assisted with food, coaching, or just generally helping out. It is what makes our club what it is. I was in fact at another local ground early on Friday with the U16s, (where there were also two matches being played, and a (much smaller) Junior Blasters program. I think it’s fair to assay what we have at Nunawading is unique!! The atmosphere an community we create is fantastic – and all that occurs because of you and your family!

Tomorrow, we will have Piccolino Pizza and sausages – so please come upstairs and grab a bite to eat, cold drink and listen to how our children performed in what should be a great night!!

Tomorrow Night at Mahoneys Reserve
A few important things to be mindful of at Mahoneys Reserve up until the end of the season:

Ground works have commenced on oval 2. Whilst I am sure the Local Council will leave the area safe, please pay extra attention to your children. Ground surfaces in some areas are uneven, with a lot of temporary fencing. Obviously all cricket activities will be away from these areas, however please just be mindful.

For our U12s who play the next two Fridays on the bottom oval – it is still possible to walk down the normal track – however you do have to go ‘in and around’ the temporary fencing, ‘in and through the nets’!!

Finally, we are expecting Council Parking inspectors to be at the grounds over the next couple of weeks. Please ensure you park correctly in marked bays, and not in no standing or other areas, without appropriate permits. It is likely the soccer club will be there at some stage as well, so please be mindful that even if parking is a premium, it will be better to park further away and walk – than park incorrectly and get a ticket.

On the field, our ‘competitive teams’ (the older juniors who have ladders), are approaching the end of their season!

· U18s are undefeated, and on top of the ladder. They will no doubt have a home semi final.
· U16s have had an up and down season, however had a fantastic win last week.
· U14s are currently in fourth after a fantastic win last week – and are in a solid position to make finals.
· U12s are a very young team – however have developed incredibly well this season!! Most of these players have 1-2 more seasons in U12, so their future looks bright!!
· Girls team kicked off their ‘summer season’ last weekend – and have a great 4-5 weeks in front of them – to see if they can go better than the third placed finish they had in the ‘spring‘ season.

Junior Presentation Night
A reminder (and invitation attached), our Junior Presentation Night will be on Friday 15 March. This will again be a great way to celebrate the season. Exact timings of age groups are still being finalised – as we are trying to ensure we can have as many people in our rooms for dinner. I would expect we will have as we have done in previous seasons the youngest age groups first – with presentations starting around 5.45pm/6.00pm – and dinner a little bit later.

Trivia Night
There is still room available for the Clubs Trivia Night on 2 March. Again, this is always a fantastic night (and the prizes that have come in, look amazing)!! On that note, if you are also in a position to donate a prize of any type, please let me know!

Junior Structure
Finally you would have seen Dave Cowell’s (Club President) email, during the week regarding the Junior structure for 2019/2020. This structure will help ensure the Junior program improves even further. I cannot emphasise enough, that if you have the slightest interest in helping out, that you please contact Dave or myself for a chat. I can guarantee, that even if you have never been involved before, you will not be left on your own – or thrown into the deep end. The structure is set up in a way, where the load is shared. If you see yourself and your family at Nunawading in the coming 1-2 years, please let us know if you are interested!!


About David Cowell

IT Infrastructure consultant and Data Centre practitioner/program manager. Passionate cricketer and family man
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