Nunawading CC, Junior Structure and Committee for Season 2018-19

Hi Everyone,

There are some important changes looming at our club and I would like to please ask for a few moments of your time to read and consider if you are able to help in any way.

Our Junior Manager, Rob Nash, is stepping away from his role (but by no means from the club) after 6 years of fine service. The Committee has determined a revised structure to take the Junior Club forward which splits the heavy workload Rob carries now into several roles, making roles easier to fill and less time consuming.

I have attached a slide pack that provides an overview of how we see the Junior Club being managed into the future. May I please ask that you read it and think about whether you can help in any way. The key roles to fill are:

  • Junior Manager
  • Junior Registrar
  • Social Co-Ordinator
  • Under 14-18 Co-Ordinator
  • Girls Cricket Co-Ordinator
  • Team Coaches and Team Managers

This might sound like a lot but our goal is to (continue to?) run the best junior program in the competition so we are aiming high to get good people to help us in these roles.

If you are interested in any of these roles, can you please contact me and we can discuss further. Any discussion is by no means binding so please give me a call if you would like to chat about any of this.

We have a great club, let’s all do our bit to make it greater.

Yours in Cricket,


David Cowell

Club President

e: dgcowell

p: 0438 569822

Junior Structure 2019-20.pdf

Junior Structure 2019-20.ppsx

About David Cowell

IT Infrastructure consultant and Data Centre practitioner/program manager. Passionate cricketer and family man
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