Nunawading Cricket Club – Junior Weekly Update

Hi everyone – after a weekend off, Junior Cricket returns this weekend!! Tomorrow night post match, we will be having Roast Chicken, together with salads. We will also have sausages and vegie burgers. It will be great to see as many families as possible upstairs to hear how our children performed.

Supervision of Your Children
A serious and important message. Whilst at Nunawading, we will always do all we can to ensure the safety of your children, our expectation is that parents are responsible for their children at all times. All sports carry risks of injury, and when using a hard ball, there are additional risks at play. The Club expects that’s parents will be at games and training, not just from a responsibility perspective, but also from an enjoyment perspective. Where this is not possible, the club expects that a family will ensure another parent is responsible for their child on that day/night.

Our Coaches are volunteer parents – who have given up their time to help all. Something we are very grateful for. With that in mind, if an injury does occur, and a parent is not there – outside of applying a band aid or some ice – our coaches will always err on the side of caution – and most likely call an ambulance. It is for this very reason that it is preferred that a parent is at the ground – being responsible for their own child.

The Club does understand that this is not always practical, however there have been a number of situations this season, where families have dropped their children off – and have not returned to collect their child until 30+ minutes after the completion of a game. This is unfair on our coaches, who then try to contact parents and have to stay with your child.

Again – I don’t want this to sound like a negative message – more so an important one – to ensure the safety of your child and the enjoyment for them. If this creates an issue for anyone, please let me know.

‘MAX ZERO’ – Band Night
On Saturday 17 November, ‘Max Zero’ will be performing at Nunawading – playing your favorite 70s, 80s and 90s songs!! Entry is only $10 per person, with drinks at Bar Prices. Further information attached – but this will be a great fun night!! All junior parents welcome to attend. (If you are planning on attending, please also just let me know).

Curry Night
A reminder that Curry Night is on Friday 30 November – only three weeks away. The way it works is that we ask families (who can) to make a curry/rice/noodle dish and bring them along to the club for our Post Match gathering. All the curries and rice dishes are then available for everyone to try. If you donate a curry, there is no charge. If not, we simply ask for $5 a plate. We also have sausage sizzle for those who may not be so keen on a spicy meal. If you can cook/donate a curry, please let me know.


As mentioned last week, Nunawading Cricket Club has been selected to participate in the Grill’d (Burwood One Store – Corner of Burwood Hwy and Blackburn Rd) Local Matters in the month of November.

There are three ‘jars’ in store – one for three different Community organisatioons (In November, Nunawading is one of them). When you buy a burger, you receive a token – which you then choose which jar to put in. At the end of the month, each Local Community Group receives some money from Grill’d (depending who has the most tokens in their jar!!

Therefore, please if you are feeling hungry, pop into Grill’d for some great burgers – and help Nuna receive some money!

Team Photos

A reminder that dates for Team photos is as follows:

Friday 16 November – Junior Blasters 6.10pm (NB – This is a change of date from the one mentioned last week)

Sunday 25 November:
Girls Anna Lanning 3.45pm – 4.00pm (training starting at 4.00pm)
Super 7s 4.00pm – 4.15pm (both teams)
Fast 9s 4.15pm – 4.25pm
Under 12B 4.25pm – 4.35pm
Under 14B 4.35pm – 4.45pm
Under 16B 4.45pm – 4.50pm
Under 18 4.50pm – 5.00pm

Bunnings BBQ’s
A reminder there are still spots available to help out on the roster for upcoming Bunnings BBQs at Vermont South, namely Sunday 18 November 2018 and (Boxing Day) 26 December 2018. We have placed rosters in the club rooms for two hour shifts. If you can assist, please write your name down on the roster tomorrow night (or let me know).



About Nunawading CC Seniors

Local senior and junior cricket club in Melbourne's eastern suburbs providing cricket development opportunities for boys and girls from 4-18 and for senior players of all skill levels. Home ground is in Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill. Website is
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