Nunawading Cricket Club – Junior Weekly Update

Hi everyone – there are a number of important updates this week – so please read through. We are two weeks away from the start of the season!!

Congratulations Joshua Richardson
Many of you will know Josh Richardson!! Josh has been playing his cricket at Nunawading for the last decade. Last season Josh won the batting average in the U18 competition, and also won the U18 player of the year (voted on by umpires like the Brownlow). Additionally, Josh has been a significant contributor to Nunawading CC over the last ten years – starting his cricket playing Milo in2Cricket – and has now played in Nunawading’s First XI senior team on numerous occasions – playing significant roles. (This is a great insight for our younger Juniors to look up to in terms of what can be achieved).

Josh has also excelled in karate, where in the last 12 months, he has represented Victoria at National championships and won a Gold medal, and also represented Australia overseas – winning a bronze medal. This success however is minor compared to the sportsmanship which Josh is known for – on and off the field – by team mates and opposition – in both sports.

As a result of this – Josh has been successfully nominated for the ‘City of Whitehorse Junior Sportsperson of the year’. Well done Josh – and good luck for the Awards ceremony on 10 October.

Pre Season Training updates
As we approach Daylight savings and also the end of school holidays, our training sessions will change to what will be the standard days/times throughout the seasons. There will be NO TRAINING this Sunday morning. These sessions have been very successful, however with age group specific training starting to fully commence, we will allow everyone to have a sleep in. Additionally, for our younger Juniors, after all the training you have completed over the recent weeks, we are giving you a week or so to enjoy the school holidays

Training times
Upcoming training times are as follows:

· U18 – Sunday 30 September (11.30am – 1.00pm)
· U14, U16 and Girls Team – Tuesday 2 October (5.00pm – 6.30pm)
· Fast 9s and U12s – Wednesday 10 October. (Times to be advised) – Note – there is not training next week.
· Super 7s – Friday 12 October (6.00pm – 7.15pm) – Note – there is no training next week.

Super 7s, Fast 9s and U12s
For all our families who are playing in either the Super 7s, Fast 9s or U12s – if you have not already done so, please register and advise me of what days your child is available to play – and where your preference is for your child to play (7s, 9s or 12s). Additionally, please feel free to call me to discuss these different formats – I am very happy to clarify. Over the last month, myself and the coaches have also been watching over all the children – so we have an idea where they are best situated to play at the start of the season. As I have mentioned to most of you, these formats are ideally suited to our younger juniors. We also have the flexibility to move children through the formats across the season. Over the next week we will be finalising these teams. If anyone has any questions in relation to this – please let me know ASAP.

Additionally – we are looking more Mums and Dads to help across these age groups (especially in the 7s and 9s). Ideally, we require a handful of parents to be coaches and Team Managers. The clubs match day coaches are parents who have put their hands up to help out. Without this help – the matches cannot go ahead!! The club is fully supportive of coaches (and you will not be left on your own). There are free Coaching courses (one day) that you can also attend, which are run by Cricket Victoria. These are a great way in understanding some of the techniques and drills for the younger cricketer. I am also looking for Team Managers – so again, please let me know if you can assist. Essentially, I am looking for 3-4 families from each of our team – to take a leading role in running the team. Many hands make light work – and increase the enjoyment for all. I know I have spoken to a few of you about helping out – so now is the time to #beinvolved

Woolworths Junior Blasters
The season for our youngest Juniors kicks off on Friday 12 October. I have unofficially heard that the kits have been delayed across the country!! (3AW Rumour file). Hopefully they will arrive in time. If you have not yet registered, I suggest you do so ASAP – as that will be the best way for your kit to come as early as possible.

Season Launch – Friday 19 October
Whilst every Friday night is a big Night at Nuna, please mark Friday 19 October in your calendars as our Junior Season launch for 2018/2019. After matches, training and Junior Blasters – we will not only be having pizza and a cold drink – there are a number of important presentations and announcements to make. It will be great to have the club rooms full early in the season to kick off the season and hear more about the season ahead.

First Aid Officers
Are you a qualified First Aid Officer? Would you be happy to be listed as a First Aid Officer at Nunawading? As is our commitment to everyone’s safety, we are always looking to ensure we are increasing our preparedness if we do have an accident. This includes the installment of a defibrillator in the coming weeks – with training provided to a number of members on how to use it. Please let me know if you are happy to be a formal First Aid officer for the Club.

Registration and Apparel
I attach Registration Form, and the link below to register for all formats. I also attach the Apparel order form.,2,4,8,16

If anyone has any queries, please let me know



Junior Apparel order form – 2018-2019.xlsx

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