Nunawading Cricket Club – Junior Weekly Update

Hi everyone
Well it looks like we again might have some spring weather tomorrow night, and hopefully get some cricket in!! Last Wednesday and Friday nights were great nights, with all our teams playing and really enjoying their cricket. Post-match celebrations were also well attended which is fantastic (we really need to start hitting our Members of Parliament up for some cash to build bigger club rooms)!!

Tomorrow night, we again would love to see as many families as possible attend our social rooms after the cricket. We will have sausages from Dench Butchers in Forest Hill, and also Piccolino Pizza!!

Sponsor of the week.

Our sponsors are vital to our clubs success. This week, our sponsor of the week is:

Corsec Services Pty Ltd
Contact Paul Bradley or Steve Curnow for all your security needs
Ph: 1300 0267 732

home-guard1.jpg Corsec Services
Corsec Services is a leading specialist security agency providing professional and affordable guarding solutions within the commercial, construction, retail, and …

BBL Memberships
As mentioned last week, as part of your subscriptions with Nunawading CC, all U10 and older children receive a Two Game membership to a Melbourne BBL team. These have all been ordered, and I know the Renegades memberships started arriving in letterboxes yesterday. I also know that Melbourne Stars emails have been issued, with the membership packs not far away. If your child does not receive their membership, please let me know and I will follow up. I can also organise discounted memberships for adults, siblings and Milo participants if you like – just let me know.

Massive thanks to everyone who has paid their subs. Special thanks to Caz Clarkson, who this season as Junior Treasurer has really mad e this process easier. If you have not yet paid your subs, can I ask that you please do – the club does have a lot of expenses at the front end of the season. If however the payment of the subs is an issue, please come and speak to myself confidentially (or our Club President David Cowell). No child will miss out on playing cricket at Nunawading due to financial pressures.

Milo in2Cricket
Just a quick update on Milo. We have had another super start to the season. Paul Allen, our Milo Co-ordinator is back again this season, even though his son has moved on to U10s. He is ably assisted by Jason Griffiths, Daniel (Smudge) Smith and Rob Nurse – who all have children in the program. It is also great that we have had a few of our senior club (Roger, Kevin amongst others) helping out – I know I have left a few off as well!!

Milo is the most important part of our junior program. Last season we had over 50 children in Milo, and we already have 49 registered this season. If you are a parent in the program, please feel free to approach Paul and ask how you can help. We are always looking for extra assistance, and it is simply quite often just that little bit of assistance that is great. I know from speaking to Paul, that there already are a lot of parents getting in and helping out – so thank you!! It is all that involvement that makes the program work, and allows Paul to spend his time providing the program he does. If being a formal Milo assistant coach or the actual Co-ordinator does appeal to you, please also let Paul or myself know. We will be looking for a replacement for Paul next season…….

Curry night
Just a reminder that Friday 25 November is our famous Curry Night. If you are able to cook/donate a curry, please let me know. Thanks to those who already have advised they can. The way it works is that we have all the curries and rice dishes available for everyone to try post cricket. If you donate a curry, there is no charge. If not we simply ask for $5 a plate. We also have our sausage sizzle!

Toyota Raffle
Thanks to everyone who is selling Toyota tickets! If you haven’t as yet, Team Managers will be asking you if you can support!! I will also see tomorrow night if any Milo families can either by a ticket or sell a book (This will be a great way for me to say hi to a lot of our new Milo families tomorrow night)

#beinvolved member of the week
Our #beinvolved members of the week are Jayden West and Nuwin Rathnayabe. Both these U16 boys approached myself and Jean-Paul last Friday night when we arrived at the club, and instantly asked ‘what can we do’. The boys then proceeded in helping set up the club rooms and moving some tables and chairs to the balcony. Thanks Jayden and Nuwin – this is exactly what makes the club great, and spreads the load!! Jayden, has been at the club since Milo, and Nuwin is a first year player – both also enjoying their cricket!! – Thanks to both of these young men.


About David Cowell

IT Infrastructure consultant and Data Centre practitioner/program manager. Passionate cricketer and family man
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