Nunawading Cricket Club – Junior Weekly Update

Hi everyone

A few things this week:

Match day

Friday Nights continues to be a great way to enjoy our children’s cricket and then share in the participation, performances and results of all teams! This Friday we will be having roast beef rolls (and sausages) after the matches, so please come up and have a cold drink with some high quality beef rolls (As always, we will also have vegetarian options)!!

Presentation day

Everyone should have received the Junior Presentation Day invitation (I have attached it again). This is a great way to bring the season to an end. Please RSVP by 8 March as this really does help with catering – and if you can bring a dessert, that would be great!! J

Milo Cricketers

If you son or daughter is interested in playing U10s (or commonly known as Anklbytrs) next season now is a great time to give them a ‘taste’ of what to U10’s is like!! If you would like to bring your child to train – or even watch/play in a match on a Friday night, please talk to Paul and/or myself. This is a great way of giving your child an early insight into what to expect next season!!We are very keen to help ensure this natural ‘next’ step’ is enjoyable, as they continue their cricketing journey!! In U10 this season we had children aged 7-10 play, so if you are unsure, please let Paul or I know!! Your child does not need to be a high quality cricketer, as the U10 rules are quite modified to ensure all players face the same amount of balls – and bowl the same amount of balls!!

Trivia Night

It was great to see so many junior families at the Trivia Night on Saturday. The night was a great success, with our junior families certainly sharing in the prizes and raffle winnings!!

Lost Property

Our Lost Property tub (located near the bathroom in our clubrooms) is quite full. Please go through this if you are missing something!!

Team Update

I know we do Team Updates post matchs on a Friday Night, but in a quick summary, this is how our teams are travelling as we approach finals.

14A – Currently equal second and hoping to finish second to secure a home semi-final. The boys are currently in the middle of having a bye, so Buddy is using this opportunity for some additional training. A lot of these boys are playing senior cricket on a Saturday as well with great results. Ethan Walker and Dave Cowell Jnr have even played a game each in the clubs First XI – a great result.

14B – Currently one game out of the finals, and in a winning position in this game. Brad is doing a great job with these boys, and continuing to develop their cricket skills, as well as many other ‘life skills’. They have had some great wins, including a massive come from behind win in the match just before Christmas!!

12B – Russ has these boys playing some great cricket. After losing the first three games, the boys have really gelled as a team. The improvement is very clear, and the boys currently sit fifth on the ladder – just one game out of the Top Four. If the boys can win one of the last two matches, it should see them finish fourth, while two wins could get them to finish third.

12C – Ben has had a great season working with our U12 boys – most out of U10 last season. While not all the results on the scoreboard have gone their way, they have been more than competitive in a lot of games. A win early in the season was certainly a fantastic achievement. On speaking with Ben post-match on Friday night, he believes there is some strong talent coming though. I have also observed closely over the last few weeks at training, and have noticed further improvement in their skills. It is great to see the boys smiling and enjoying their cricket.

U10s – Jean-Paul and Jordan are doing a great job with our youngest boys and girls. The enjoyment of these two teams is evident at training and match days. At U10, it is all about fun and further development of skills. Under the guidance of JP and Jordan, it will not be too long until these players are playing competitive cricket.

Milo – Paul continues to do an outstanding job with our Milo program. With well over 30 participants, it’s great to see so much fun and enjoyment. The parental assistance Paul receives is fantastic, and really helps the program run well!

Thanks to all coaches, team managers and parent helpers. Without your contributions, the games simply would not occur!!



Pirates_jnr_Pres day.pdf

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