This Week in Junior Cricket

Hi All

We’re now in the final run home to the end of the season with the three upper age teams all in week 2 of their games and the Ankylbyter teams entering their finals games commencing this week. Exciting times as two teams battle it out for finals positions

Presentation Day

You should have all received initial notification from Rob about Presentation Day on Sunday 23 March. This year, due to the size of the club we are using a different format which should be a lot of fun and a great way to close out another great Nunawading season.

Rostered Duty

It is the last round of the season (barring finals). Please check your roster to see when you may be rostered on for scoring or afternoon tea. I know these are often thankless tasks but remember each team has a coach and team manager who are committed to something each week and in the case of coaches twice weekly with training as well.

If you’re unable to undertake your rostered duty, that’s OK but please notify your team manager prior to the day of play. I will simply not abide by excuses like I didn’t get my e-mail. Rob and I are copied into all e-mails sent by team managers. I know exactly when each e-mail is sent. Please read your e-mails. The season roster should be attached to each weekly e-mail so diarising your rostered date is the best way to avoid missing when it’s your turn. People, we would all prefer not to have to undertake certain duties but it’s our responsibility to share the load.

Conduct around the Kids

Parents – over the last few weeks I have encountered language around the kids that is simply not acceptable. The use of profanities around the kids is certainly not what we, as a club, represent. It reflects poorly on us and was commented on by an opposition parent in recent weeks. We are all guilty of dropping the odd swear word but we must not do so within the hearing of any of the kids from either team. Please be mindful of this during Friday’s games and in future.

Junior Finals

Junior semi finals will commence next week on Wednesday 5 March with the second day’s play on Friday 7 March. There will be no reserve day. In the event of rain or heat the higher positioned team on the ladder will progress. Please notify your team coach if your child is not available.


There will be a lightning premiership In Under 12s for the teams finishing 5th – 8th on the ladder. This means our Under 12 Blackbeards will be playing next week regardless of Friday’s result.


Final details on training during finals will be released later in the week. It will either be Monday or Tuesday. It is Tuesday the First XI will also be training and it will give the kids a chance to see how these guys go about it.

End of Season Celebration – Saturday 1 March

With the season approaching the end the club is holding a FAMILY CURRY AND KARAOKE NIGHT (KURRYOKE), this Saturday 1 March 2014 – to help celebrate the end of a great season of junior and senior cricket.

The clubs First XI is playing their last home and away match on Bob Saker Oval on Saturday afternoon, before commencing their finals campaign. All are welcome to come down and support the guys during the afternoon. All are also welcome to come upstairs to the club rooms in the evening where we will have:

– Junior and Senior Match reports (approximately 7.00pm) – we will even hear from the clubs 6thXI which will feature a number of Junior Dads

– Catered Curry meal (approximately 7.30pm)

– Karaoke (8.00-9.00pm)

– Family movie from 9.00pm

If you are able to attend, please notify Dave Cowell at dgcowell also, if you are able to bring some cooked rice and/or nan bread, that would be great.

Ankylbyter Buccaneers

Playing on Bob Saker Oval, the boys had the opportunity to ‘strut their stuff’. A truly all round performance by all of the boys was observed by Wayne – and the opposition. Harrison Lefebure played his first game of Anklybytrs (after playing all year in Milo), and handled himself very well. 6 runs off the bat is a great start to his career under the purple cap. Boys like Kyle, Lachlan, Kael, Iefan and Ewan are also starting to show that they will be ready for U12 next season!

Ankylbyter Blackbeards

Ajai Thapliyal (who is creaming it in the 4ths at the moment) and John Lourens coached the boys this week, and once again the boys really enjoyed themselves. Their respective sons (Carlin and Max) played very well. Kaelan’s bowling continues to be difficult to play. Uaishnavi has been a star performer all season, and it is great to see her enthusiasm and skill both at matches and also during training. The boys and girls will get their chance this week to play on Bob Saker for the first time this season – so everyone, please support them where you can!!

U12 Buccaneers

The boys commenced their final game of the season in great style. Max Warburton received some well-deserved rewards with a clean bowled and a direct hit run out from 20 metres. The boys continued to battle on strongly against another top four team. It was great to see the boys working hard in the field. Batting second, the boys should be really proud of themselves. It wasn’t until the last over that the first wicket fell – be it a run out where we nearly scored two runs – but managed none!! Additionally, the batting by Josh Woodford (3 x 4s) was a highlight. Ruben Dew was also very sound behind the stumps for the full 22 overs. Whilst the boys are a little behind in the run chase, I am sure that they will give it their all in their last Friday night this week.

U 12 Blackbeards

Taking on the Glen Waverley Hawks at home the boys started well, but slowly. Needing a win to fend off Blackburn South Flynn and Colin opened up with a solid partnership culminating in a huge 6 from Flynn. Westy & Michael Cowell consolidated until a couple of late wickets but at 2/54 the boys were in a good position. Unfortunately the bowling was not as tight as it could have been. Despite us grabbing three wickets Glen Waverley managed to get to 3/98 and will continue their innings this week. This is a big test for the lads who need quick wickets. C’mon boys .. bring it home.

Interestingly also is that this team have only played 3 home games all season as opposed to 4 other clubs who have played 5 games at home with the rest (except us) playing 4.

No Team P W2 W1 D L1 L2 Wks Lost Runs For Wks Taken Runs Against Pts %
1 Forest Hill 8 0 8 0 0 0 48 1131 70 786 48 2.0984
2 Glen Waverley Hawks 8 0 6 0 2 0 53 830 68 582 36 1.8297
3 Surrey Hills Blue 8 0 6 0 2 0 48 925 48 670 36 1.3806
4 Nunawading 8 0 4 1 3 0 48 1048 55 943 27 1.2734
5 Blackburn South Maroon 8 0 3 1 4 0 60 896 68 744 21 1.3649
6 Blackburn Black 7 0 3 1 3 0 53 597 30 861 21 0.3925
7 Surrey Hills White 7 0 3 0 4 0 72 772 53 934 18 0.6084
8 Templestowe 8 0 2 1 5 0 57 547 64 730 15 0.8413
9 Park Orchards White 8 0 2 0 6 0 54 657 53 822 12 0.7845
10 Park Orchards Red 8 0 0 0 8 0 65 612 49 943 0 0.4892

Current Matches: Glen Waverley Hawks (2) v Nunawading (4) & Surrey Hills Blue (3) v Blackburn South ( 5) – Blackburn South 6/60 – Surrey Hills Blue 5/89

Thanks to Claire & Oli Maharaj for scoring when not rostered to do so.

Under 14s

Taking on top team Heatherdale White (yet again at Heatherdale) the boys need the win as the 5th placed Blackburn have already won on first innings and are going for the outright. Amazingly, yet again, our finals rival is playing the bottom, winless team. If they get the outright and we lose that’s it for finals. Having said that the boys batted first up and were buoyed by a great 43 from Dave Cowell and the first 50 in junior ranks for some years from Cameron Clark. There was great support again from the entire team and, as usual against Heatherdale the odd questionable decision from this “win at all costs” club. At leats they didn’t change the venue without notifying us as they have done in past. Our score of 180 is a big target and one that Darcy is confident the boys can defend.

Congratulations to Zach Scully on making his senior debut on Saturday with the 4th XI and to Wilbur Scully for scoring.

No Team P W2 W1 D L1 L2 Wks Lost Runs For Wks Taken Runs Against Pts %
1 Heatherdale White 8 0 7 0 1 0 51 1331 79 751 42 2.7453
2 Heatherdale Blue 8 1 5 0 2 0 52 1228 81 934 40 2.0480
3 Forest Hill 8 0 6 1 1 0 47 1223 69 897 39 2.0016
4 Nunawading 8 0 4 1 3 0 60 1039 69 1002 27 1.1925
5 Blackburn 8 0 3 1 4 0 68 882 58 1039 21 0.7241
6 Glen Waverley Hawks 8 1 1 1 5 0 79 895 67 1215 19 0.6247
7 Park Orchards 8 1 1 0 6 0 61 956 64 889 16 1.1283
8 Donvale 8 0 0 0 5 3 120 780 51 1607 0 0.2063

Current Matches: Heatherdale White (1) v Nunawading (4). Blackburn (5) v Donvale (8) – Blackburn need outright win and have already first innings points

Milo In2Cricket

Another fantastic turnout on a beautiful evening the kids out there with the Ankylbyters all having a great time. Importantly there were, again, many parent helpers on hand as well as well as the usual great help from Lucas Dew and Douglas Ahearn.

This Week’s Games

This week we have only one Ankylbyter team at home:

Friday – 21 February 2014
14 Heatherdale White v Nunawading (week 2) Heatherdale Reserve 1


Game commences 5.00 pm
12B Glen Waverley Hawks v Nunawading (week 2) Capital Reserve


Game commences 5.00 pm
12C Surrey Hills Gold v Nunawading (week 2) Eley Park


Game commences 5.00 pm
Anklbytrs Blackbeards Kerrimuir United v Nunawading Springfield Park M47-F7 Game commences 5.00 pm
Anklbytrs Buccaneers Nunawading v Blackburn Mahoney’s Reserve BSO Game commences 5.00 pm

How can I help my club?

Thanks to all for your season long contributions. I have never seen the pantry look so full.

Regards to All

Darren Wharton

Performance Manager

0417 367 426


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