This Week in Junior Cricket

Hi All

As I said last week, what a difference a week makes.  This week it was back to bleak weather conditions and amazingly we actually got to play after all the rain during the afternoon.

We fielded 5 teams plus Milo in2Cricket this week so that effectively means 5 teams took the field for Nunawading juniors last Friday.  Fantastic!

The Under 14s were just a few wickets shy of an outright victory and are going along very nicely.  This week they face the tough journey to Heatherdale.  The 12 Blackbeards were on track however a lapse in concentration saw a rapid loss of wickets and a narrow loss.  Brad is doing a great job with these kids and young Jacob Mitchell showed great prowess with the bat especially considering he would still be eligible for Ankylbyters for a couple more years.

The 12 Blackbeards put up a great performance against the ever strong Heatherdale and only narrowly went down by a couple of runs which is a testament to the great job Rob and Russ are doing with these guys.

Wayne was telling me how great his Ankylbyter Buccaneers are going especially in the field.  Wayne has been doing great work with these kids and the improvement is evident.  The club is very lucky to have Wayne involved with this group and both Wayne and the boys seem to be loving it.

Friday was Buddhika’s first week with the Ankylbyter Blackbeards and all involved cannot speak highly enough of Buddhika’s efforts as well as the teams.  How great that a senior player (and a damn good one at that) is helping out with the grassroots of the club.  We look forward to hearing great things from Buddhika and the team

The Milo kids were hard at it and to have 14 of them in such bad weather was a great effort and demonstration of commitment.  Paul is running a fantastic show and how great to the both the 14s and the Milo kids strutting their stuff at the same time.

This Week’s Games

Friday – 15 Nov





Heatherdale 2 (49C12)

Game commences 5.00 pm





Mahoneys Reserve BSO

Game commences 5.00 pm





Mallauna College (48J6)

Game commences 5.00 pm

Anklbytrs Blackbeards




Mahoney’s Reserve Mid

Game commences 5.00 pm

Anklbytrs Buccaneers




Walker Park (48H9)

Game commences 5.00 pm

Coming Soon – Friday 29 November – Nunawading Pirates Famous Curry Night

Curry Night is Friday 29 November 2013.  This is where we ask our families to provide a curry or make some rice for serving on the night.  If you fancy yourself as a curry king or queen give it your best shot.  Can you please let Rob & I know if you can make a curry or bring along a rice cooker and make some rice on the night.

Team Managers will coordinate servings and assistance on the night.  Just in case you don’t enjoy a curry there should be a BBQ as well.

Payment of Subs

A reminder that subs are due please.  We need parents to pay subs in order to keep the junior club running.  It costs the club to field sides in the competition as well as the cost of equipment and overheads.  First year players play free after that there is the expectation that unless families are in financial difficulty that subs will be paid.

Player Subscriptions: $100 per child, $10 discount if sibling is enrolled for Milo In2CRICKET

Note: All new players play free for their first season.

Family Membership: $190 (2 players or more).

Kits & Personal Equipment

Each team has a playing kit for match days.  The Ankylbyter teams also have a training kit.  Coaches and team managers should assume responsibility for the upkeep of the kits.  They are sorted prior to season commencement in a long and arduous process so can coaches and team managers please ensure the kids are packed and put away in the storage cage at the conclusion of each week’s play.  Match balls for Under 12s & 14s will be given to the respective team coaches prior to the first week of each game.   If you require any assistance with access to equipment please see Ken or Darren.

Parents – please clearly label your child’s personal equipment with their name.  Any equipment found without a name may be lost permanently or inadvertently placed in a team kit.  Also please ensure personal kits are placed well away from club kits at games and training.

Weekly Catering Roster

Rob will be releasing a roster for weekly catering.  Please do your best to help out as Friday nights are fun for all and also aid the club with keeping playing costs down and enabling us sufficient revenue to provide equipment and trophies.  Please look out for the updated catering roster. It’s your club so feel free to pitch in whenever you can.

How can I help my club?

Whenever you’re doing your weekly shopping how about picking up a couple of bottles of home brand cordial.  It’s only about $2.50 a bottle and it ensures we always have a drink on hand for the teams on game days.  Also a bag of ice never goes stray so if you’re getting petrol on the way to the ground how about grab a bag of ice and place it in the freezer in the kitchen.  Icy poles are another great treat for after games.

Regards to All

Darren Wharton

Performance Manager

0417 367 426

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