This Week in Junior Cricket

Hi All

Well the season is in full swing now and last Friday saw the junior club field 6 teams across four age groups from Under 14s through to Milo.  What a great achievement for our club.  We have been working so hard for so long now and to be able to filed our first Under 14s team outright in many years is brilliant.  Added to that is our two under 12s teams, two Ankylbyter teams and Milo In2Cricket sees Rob, Ken and I genuinely excited.

When combined with the five senior teams fielded last weekend we are thrilled to think that 11Nunawading teams took to the playing field last weekend.  Not only that we had four of our Under 14s play in their first senior club win.  Junior club co-captains Michael Wharton and Patrick West joined their Under 14s team mates in David Cowell and Aditya Munikhutla in the 4th XI.  All the boys played a big part with Aditya opening the batting, Dave taking a crucial wicket.  Patrick opening the bowling and also taking a blinder of a catch and Michael bowling exceptionally and claiming his first senior wicket.

Not only that the team also contained Junior Section Manager Rob Nash (with a lazy 38 on debut) and Performance Manager Darren Wharton who took the keeping gloves for the first time since the 1985/1986 season.  The team was brilliantly led by Dylan Jellett who is a huge supporter and contributor to the junior program who, recovering from a recent knee reconstruction, ripped out a lazy 101 off 15 overs and put on an 81 run partnership with Patrick West.  How’s that for a bridge between the senior and junior clubs?

Friday saw both Ankylbyter teams at home which was a great way for them to open the season.  All boys (and girls) had a great time and the feedback on their improvement has been great to hear.  With several parents putting their hands up to help out over the season we are looking forward to seeing major improvement and lots of fun in the next few months and bigger and brighter things in the future.

Milo registration went well and it is great to see the kids out on the track learning the skills required to play our great game.  Paul Allen does a tremendous job with this program and also plays regular senior cricket.  The club is very fortunate indeed to have Paul.

Our Under 12s are playing two week games with the Buccaneers away and the Blackbeards on Bob Saker Oval.  The boys are into the round 2 of the Under 12s program and we hope for big things in the next few weeks.

The 14s are taking on Forest Hill and are locked in a tight contest and will bat this week. More on the outcome of these games next week.

The club fixture is currently being finalised and will hopefully be released in the next few days.

Mentoring Program

In a few weeks time we will be having our Under 14s and a few of our upper age Under 12s do some training and mentoring of the Ankylbyters.  This is designed to have kids across various age groups interact with the aim of solidifying the playing group across the age groups and allowing the older boys the chance to learn and develop leadership.  It also provides the younger kids with a role model to watch and learn from.

Kits & Personal Equipment

Each team has a playing kit for match days.  The Ankylbyter teams also have a training kit.  Coaches and team managers should assume responsibility for the upkeep of the kits.  They are sorted prior to season commencement in a long and arduous process so can coaches and team managers please ensure the kids are packed and put away in the storage cage at the conclusion of each week’s play.  Match balls for Under 12s & 14s will be given to the respective team coaches prior to the first week of each game.   If you require any assistance with access to equipment please see Ken or Darren.

Parents – please clearly label your child’s personal equipment with their name.  Any equipment found without a name may be lost permanently or inadvertently placed in a team kit.  Also please ensure personal kits are placed well away from club kits at games and training.

Weekly Catering Roster

Rob will be releasing a roster for weekly catering.  Please do your best to help out as Friday nights are fun for all and also aid the club with keeping playing costs down and enabling us sufficient revenue to provide equipment and trophies.  Please look out for the updated catering roster. It’s your club so feel free to pitch in whenever you can.

How can I help my club?

Whenever you’re doing your weekly shopping how about picking up a couple of bottles of home brand cordial.  It’s only about $2.50 a bottle and it ensures we always have a drink on hand for the teams on game days.  Also a bag of ice never goes stray so if you’re getting petrol on the way to the ground how about grab a bag of ice and place it in the freezer in the kitchen.  Icy poles are another great treat for after games.

Regards to All

Darren Wharton

Performance Manager

0417 367 426



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