Ringwood District CC Coaching session at Nuna

Hi All

Sorry for my delay in response however I have been away and only now just back in e-mail contact.

If there is sufficient interest in this offer I will ensure I am on hand to facilitate any junior involvement in this session so could you kindly confirm your expression of interest ASAP and I will then advise the club of any expected junior attendance and subsequently make sure I am then available to attend as well.

Please respond via return e-mail to confirm your child’s attendance.

Just a reminder too that junior training will recommence at 5.00pm on Wednesday 25 January 2012 with games to recommence on the following Friday (27/1/2012) as per the fixtures previously provided by your team managers.

Thanks, Regards and Happy New Year.

Darren Wharton
Director of Junior Coaching
0417 367 426.

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Subject: Ringwood District CC Coaching session at Nuna

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year !

Ringwood Cricket Club (successful District club, won 2 First XI premierships in the last 3 years) have offered to send two players to Nunawading Practice on Thursday Jan 17.

Although this is a senior training night, the club will open one net and one of the two players to assist any Pirates players who can attend on the night. The players are:

1) Chris O’Brien is a 10 year player and our current 3rd XI captain. He is a two time winner of the Ryder Medal equivalent at both 3rds and 4ths. He is also one of our bowling coaches.

2) Rob Curley is a young medium paced bowler and handy batsman who is playing just his first season and enjoying good success.

Both of these guys will assist our coaches on the night and are available to work on specific skill improvements.

If you wish your sons to get involved, simply come to practice at 6.00 pm on Thursday Jan 17.



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IT Infrastructure consultant and Data Centre practitioner/program manager. Passionate cricketer and family man
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