Nunawading Cricket Club – Junior Weekly Update

Hi everyone – we are one day away from the start of the season!! There is a lot of important information this week – so can I please ask you take the time to read through!!

Milo in2Cricket

We are still looking to attract new Milo participants. If you know of anyone, please let them know about Nunawading CC. On Friday 20 October, we will be running ‘COME AND TRY TWILIGHT” – where potential new participants can have a free session with no commitment! I attach a flyer which I ask if you could please circulate. The flyer will also be on the Nuna Facebook page, so please ‘like’ and ‘share’ it – so that your networks know about us!!

Season Start

All age groups and Milo in2Cricket commence over the next week. If you are looking to play, and are not sure what team you are in, please let me know ASAP!! We want to ensure everyone turns up at the right ground!! Match start times are as follow:

Age Group Start Date/Time
U12, U14, U16, U18 Friday 13 October (5.00pm)
Milo in2Cricket Friday 13 October (6.15pm)
Saturday Super 7s Saturday 14 October (8.30am)
Sunday Super 7s Sunday 15 October (9.00am)
Sunday Fast 9s Sunday 15 October (9.00am)
Girls Team Wednesday 18 October (5.00pm)

NB – 7s and 9s training will be held tomorrow at 6.00pm. Both this training and the Milo in2Cricket program, will be held on the middle (top) oval – adjacent to the cricket nets. 7s and 9s will also have the dedicated services of Chat (our First XI player and batting coach) and will utilise the nets.

Team Managers will be in touch (if they have not already) to advise exact details and venues. Please arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than the start time (or as advised by your Team Manager) to ensure you are ready to go.

Friday 13 October – Post match Community gathering

After matches, Milo, 7s and 9s finish tomorrow night – everyone is invited to come upstairs to our club rooms, for a cold drink, Super Burgers, Sausages and most importantly our first match report presentations. For those families new to Nunawading, this is a great occasion, and really helps bring the whole club together. It is also a great way to meet new people – and is always something that other clubs comment on – as to how we do it well. Throughout the season we will have special theme nights (ie our famous curry night) as well, to ensure variety. We are fortunate to have Piccolinos as a sponsor, so we have great pizza, pasta nights – together with other food variations.

Season Launch

Friday 20 October, will be our Junior Season Launch. In addition to some food and a drink, we will have special presentations. More details next week.

Social Media and Apps

Whilst email is our primary form of communication, there are a number of Social Media and other apps which you should refer to:

· MyCricket – the place where all cricket details are kept. This includes fixtures for matches and score results. Whilst Team Managers will advise where you are playing each week, download the MyCricket app, choose Nunawading – and then you will always know where your team is playing.

· Facebook – As many will know, I am not a Facebook person – however I understand most are!! As a result, Dave Cowell and Jean-Paul Lefebure always ensure so much up to date information is on the Nunawading Facebook pages, so please join up!!

· Team App – Another way to keep in touch with the club. Again, download and choose Nunawading


If you have not yet collected (or ordered) your apparel, please contact our Apparel Manager (Derek Clark) via apparel

If any one has any questions – or as I said, are not sure of where you are playing – please let me know ASAP.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night.



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Nuna CC Comedy night

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Nunawading Cricket Club – Junior Weekly Update

Hi everyone

With the AFL season long and truly forgotten, the sun starting to show its face and more daylight hours – we are just one week away from the start of our season!!

Club Supporter

McDonalds have been a great supporter of local sport for years. At Nunawading we are fortunate to have the support of McDonalds at Blackburn South (127 Canterbury Rd) and Forest Hill (Forest Hill Chase). These stores provided Nunawading CC with Achievement awards and Food vouchers last year – which our Milo Children greatly enjoyed. As you would all know, there are many healthy options available now as well. Additionally, for our older Juniors, casual employment options are often available – and I know from friends of mine who have their teenagers working at Blackburn South, not only is good payment received for their work – the training program provided, ensures many new skills are learnt!!

First matches:

Details of First matches are as follows:

Milo in2Cricket: Friday 13 October (6.15pm – 7.30pm).

Super 7s (Saturday) Saturday 14 October (8.30am start)

Super 7s (Sunday) Sunday 15 October (9.00am start)

Fast 9s (Sunday) Sunday 15 October (9.00am start)

U12, U14, U16, U18 Friday 13 October (5.00pm start)

Girls Team: Wednesday 18 October (5.00pm start)

Team Managers will be in touch next week, with specific details of matches!!

After matches, training and Milo on Friday 13 October, all families are encouraged to come up to our updated club rooms to enjoy a bite to eat, cold drink – and hear how our children performed!!

Super 7s and Fast 9s

For our Super 7s and Fast 9s Teams – I am still looking for parents (or our older Juniors who may want to add something to their resume – while passing on their knowledge of cricket to younger children) to more formally volunteer as follows:

Saturday Super 7s: 1-2 Coaches

Sunday Super 7s Team Manager

Sunday Fast 9s Team Manager

Season Launch

On Friday 20 October we will have our ‘Season Launch’. In addition to our normal Friday night activities, there will be some formal awards and presentations. It will be great to have as many people there as possible.

Thank You – Club Room updates!!

As mentioned, our club rooms have gone through a real update. Led by Jean-Paul Lefebure and Mark Richardson, last Friday saw the following people assist to help tidy, paint, clean our rooms!! Thanks to:

· AJ and Andy who installed our new speaker system.

· Mark Richardson

· Glen Mackie

· Peter & James Jessup

· Jean-Paul, Amanda, Jasmine & Harrison Lefebure

· Scott, Josh & Amy Millar

· Will, Tamara, Zac & Kaelan Scully

· Sumudu & Dulina Gunaratne

· Daniel & Claire Smith

· Dave Reynolds


Our Apparel order has arrived!! If you have ordered apparel, Derek Clark (our Apparel Manager) will be at Mahoneys Reserve on Tuesday and Wednesday evening next week (between 6.00pm and 6.30pm) for you to collect. If you are still to order apparel, please contact Derek at apparel.



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Nunawading Cricket Club – 2017/2018 Junior Handbook

Hi everyone

Please find attached the Nunawading Cricket Club Junior Handbook for 2017/2018. It contains all the information you will need (I hope!!!)!!!! This will be our biggest season ever!! We have many enhancements planned, which will not only help your child on and off the field, we will also be building on our strong focus on all things Community.

It is imperative that we know our numbers going into the season, so please let us know if your son/daughter will be playing!! If you have any friends or family who want to come down and play at Nunawading, please encourage them to at least come down and try a training session or two!! We still really need more players – regardless of experience. Whilst we have fast become a big junior club, we ideally need a few more players across all age groups!!

As an example – and in terms of enhancements for this season – over the last three weeks our new Club Coach Robin Ferdinands has been running the first every Nunawading Cricket Club Junior Academy for our U16 and U18 players. Given the success of Rob’s program, this is something we will build on. We will also be utilising Robin’s overall coaching plan for our juniors this season.

I also attach the Apparel Order form, Registration Form and details of our Registration Day. Please let me know if you have any queries (especially if the Handbook does not answer them)!!

Preseason Sunday morning training will commence mid/late August. I will let you know more when the weather improves!!



Apparel order – Juniors – 2017-2018 Final version.xlsx


Nunawading Cricket Club – Junior Handbook 2017 – Final Version.pdf

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Nunawading Cricket Club – Junior Weekly Update

Apparel order – Juniors – 2017-2018 Final version.xlsx

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Nunawading Cricket Club – Junior Weekly Update

Hi everyone – This weeks update is all about Junior Presentation Day and Finals!!

Junior Presentation Day

A reminder that the Nunawading Cricket Club Junior Presentation, will be held this Sunday 19 March, commencing at 5.00pm. Please find attached your invitation. A run-down of the night and estimated timeline is as follows:

5.00pm Arrive

5.10pm Milo Presentations

5.30pm U10 Presentations

5.45pm U12 Presentations

6.00pm Pizza and Sausages served

6.45pm Dave Cowell Award Presentation

7.00pm U14 Presentations

7.15pm U15 Girls Presentations

7.30pm U16 Presentations

7.45pm U18 Presentations

8.00pm Rooms stay open for post presentation festivities

At 6.00pm we will be having pizzas and sausages. It would be great for as many families as possible to stay during this time. At 6.45pm we have the important Dave Cowell Award – where a Junior Player is acknowledged for their efforts, commitment and endeavours – on and off the field.

There will be a raffle over the evening. Tickets will be 1 for $2, 3 for $5 or 7 for $10. Prizes include Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades signed Cricket bat, Batting helmet, meat trays and Piccolino’s vouchers.

Junior Finals

U18 Semi Final – Last Friday, our young men put up a great effort chasing Croydon Ranges score of 380. After our 50 overs, we were 215 – falling short of the target. Special mention to Captain Josh Richardson, who opened the batting and made 84. We look forward to hearing more from Buddy on Friday night regarding the season. Well done boys – everyone is very proud of your efforts this season.

U16 Semi Final – Also last Friday night at Mahoneys Reserve, our U16 boys were defending a solid score of 162. Our young men bowled Park Orchards out for 124 in a complete Team effort. The emphasis on team was truly on display, when Athos Petrou took an amazing catch when the ball was ‘smashed’ to him at mid on, and also Ryan Mackie was brilliant in the field, completing a run out with a very quick pick up and strong throw.

U16 Grand Final – The win against Park Orchards put the boys into the Grand Final against the undefeated Glen Waverley. The first nights play was last night and Glen Waverley batted first making 7/269 – a very good score. Day two will occur tomorrow night (Friday) at Capital Reserve in Glen Waverley. If you can attend it would be great to see heaps of Nuna support for our boys, as they try and chase down a Grand Final win.

Senior Finals

As mentioned last week, our 5ths team was playing in the Semi Final. After setting a score of 170 (special mention to Glen Mackie 43, and Zach Scully 40 – coming in at number three and batting very determinedly most of the innings), Nuna bowled Kerrimuir out for 82.Pat West was brilliant with the ball taking 6/17, and Flynn Maguire bowling fast picking up 2/14. Special mention to Jean-Paul who not only captained the team, but took 6 catches wicket keeping.

This puts the team into the Grand Final this weekend, playing Saturday and Sunday (starting 1.30pm both days) at Bob Saker Oval, Mahoneys Reserve. Please again come down and support (the support last week was fantastic). On Sunday, the game should be close to wrapping up just as the Junior Presentation starts, so to all our Junior families, please feel free to come down a bit earlier, grab a sausage and see some of our U16 and U18 Juniors, play with some older Junior Dads!!



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Nunawading Cricket Club – Junior Finals Update

Hi everyone

Whist finals and on field performance is not solely what Nunawading Cricket Club‘s Junior Program is about, we do enjoy and celebrate such success when it comes by – as it is often achieved through hard work, dedication and development. This season, we have two teams which have qualified for finals.

U16s finished second on the ladder, and will be hosting third placed Park Orchards on Wednesday (tomorrow) and this Friday at Bob Saker oval (Mahoneys Reserve)

U18s finished fourth and will be travelling o Croydon to play top team Croydon Ranges on Wednesday (tomorrow) and this Friday.

Whilst it may be difficult for families to travel to Croydon, please try and come down to Mahoneys Reserve on Wednesday and Friday. Matches start at the normal time of 5.00pm. It would be great to have as many families as possible there, to support our young men play. The weather will be great!!

Tomorrow night we will have the BBQ going, and the bar open. We will also have the bar open on Friday, as well as a bite to eat. After both matches, it will be great to hear from both teams as to how they went.



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